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Stop Throwing the Club Head!

A dewsweeper writes in that they cant stop throwing the club head at the ball. Whey know they do this and cant stop can I offer some advice for them.
Well lets first deal with why you might be throwing the club.
Often time the rt wrist for a rt handed player straightens or throws the club at the ball because the pivot motion which moves the ball around the circle stalls and centrifugal force builds up in the club head and causes the club head to pass the hands and be thrown away.
First I always like to make sure that the student has a properly developed pivot motion that can move the club around the circle.
After we have a pivot we need to educate the hands to hit the ball with a bent rt wrist and flat left.
One of the best training aids I have seen to help with this and I use it almost daily in my teaching is the key
The key is a wonderful aid to help you get the feeling of keeping your rt wrist bent.
We have some of the keys available in the dewsweepers store at
And that’s the Cleveland golf tip of the week

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