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Hit one club better than your others?

Many times a player will feel like they hit their irons good but struggle with their driver.All too often they tell me that they make a different swing with their driver and something must be drastically wrong.If that sounds like If this sounds like you let’s check your setup..
Hardly ever do you have completely different swings for different clubs in your bag. Make sure that your setup and ball position is correct for the club you are hitting.If you hit your irons good but struggle with the driver make sure that you have the ball place far enough forward in your stance. A ball that gets out of position at address can cause compensations to occur during the swing which result in poor shots. These compensations can also cause the swing to feel completely different form others you hit.You fix this by setting up a practice station which includes a rod on the ground for aim as well as one running perpendicular to the aim line to monitor ball position.So next time you are struggling with one club and not the others go to the range and double check your setup.

Here is a quick and general setup guide for alignment and ball position.

Alignment: Feet run parallel to the target line. The common error I often see is that golfers will align their feet at the target. The club face should be aimed at the desired target and the feet will be set on a line that runs parallel to that target line. Imagine railroad tracks. The ball sits on one rail your feet on another.

Ball position: For irons place the ball even with the logo on your golf shirt or about 1 1/2 inches inside your front heel. For your driver place the ball even with your front heel.

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