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Dont let your arms take over on the course

Dewsweeper writes in that they are having trouble on the golf course with their turn or pivot stalling and their arms taking over the swing and hitting errant tee shots. Can I give them a tip to use on the golf course which will help.
What is happening on the course is that your pivot is stalling and your arms are coming disconnected from your body. Here are two things you can do to keep it together to hit it better on the course.
1 make practice swings with a glove under your left or lead shoulder. Don’t let the glove fall out this will give you a feeling of what it feels like to stay connected.
Second and this is one that many tour players will use tuck your sleeve up under your arm pit and swing keeping it there during your swing.
This is completely legal and will help you keep the feeling of keeping your pivot going and staying connected

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