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Set Your Personal Best

This tip comes from watching many of my students play in club tournaments which are improtant to them all too often they get off to a great start well on their way to a personal best only to collapse and feel dejected when they shoot a less than ideal round.
Have you ever gotten off to a great start during a round of golf? Have you ever gotten off to such a great start that you immediately started to think, “I have a chance to shoot my all time low round!” Then unfortunately a poor swing arises and mistakes are compounded and all of the good you had done with your fast start has gone away and you are left feeling frustrated and upset over a wasted chance to shoot a great score. All too often people get off to a good start and they become too aggressive and try to force the action. Players tend to start trying to force birdie putts in the hole rather than just playing golf. The lesson to learn here is to try and practice more patience on the golf course and stay in the routine and with the game plan that you have set for yourself. Just as we do not want to beat ourselves up over poor shots we also do not want to allow quick starts and good shots to cause us to abandon our strategy and force us to make poor decisions which erase the the good we have done.
So if you want to set your personal best… the next time you get off to a quick start dont get overconfident and try and force the action rather stay the course and continue along with the smae strategy that had gotten you off to the quick start. If you follow this strategy I can promise that you will finish off good starts better and set more personal bests.

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