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Can You play with a Closed Club Face?

A question comes in from a Dewsweeper that says I have been told I have a shut club face is it possible to play with it. This dewsweeper is already a pretty good ball striker and player. The first question I ask is “what do you want to accomplish?” Play good at your club, amateur golf, or major amatuer golf or professional?? The goals you have will determine the need to change the face and if you can achieve what you are trying to do with out aquaring up the face. There have been several great players with shut face Azinger, Duval, Trevino. Note they all had things in common they play a fade. There is a reason for this and you should play accordingly yourself if you have a shut face. A shut face limits you. You won’t be able to draw it under control the ball will tend to over hook If you want to play with a shut face which I certainly would prefer over an open face. It wold be best to learn to play a fade. Learn to aim left of target, swing shaft of club left and old face open for a cut. Understand the shots you can play based on your club face and you can play successful.

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