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Gap Fitting

A dewsweeper writes in and asks how I suggest they select their wedges in there bag. Gap fitting of wedges has become very important. I always build a wedge set in the following way. First start with a club for the sand 56, 58 60 whatever it is we have to have a club you like to get out off the bunker. I personally use a 60 degreee wedge witha lot of bounce. But whatever the club is you need to find one that you love and trust. Put that in the bag as your sand wedge. Take that bunker club and then find out how far you carry and hit your pitching wedge. Then you fill in the gaps between your sand iron and your pitching wedge in order to create your set. If you have a huge yardage gap between the two and your bunker club is good for around the greens you might want to add a gap wedge. If the gap between the sand wedge and pitching wedge is smaller and you need more loft around the green you might add a 60 degree wedge. You might add both based upon your set make up if you dont carry a 3 wood or a hybrid and your game needs more help around the greens. To go through this process it is best to work with your teacher and get some help and feedback.

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