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One of the things I see amateur golfers Not do that Tour Players DO is that they watch the entire flight of the ball. When I watch junior or amateur golfers I see the players take their eyes off the ball flight , slump in their posture, let go of club in disgust whenever they hit a bad shot. I never see a really good player do this. Good or bad the Tour Player always hold finish in balance till ball lands. The reason for this is that you can learn a great deal about your swing and your misplayed shot from the flight of the ball. Amateurs are already complaining making excuses or reaching for another. Why watch? The flight of the ball is a great indicator of what you did wrong in your golf swing. For example: Too much curve you might have used too much hand rotation. Ball starts off line the problem could be the path. You will know based on work from your teacher what the issues to look for are. Tour players always then look at divot. The divot tells us a lot. Don’t rush off after a poor shot. Next time you play hold your finish watch ball flight and look at the divot this can help you know more about the shot you just hit so you can do what you are trying to do better on the next one.

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