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What Is Impact Supposed to Look Like

A question comes in from a Dewsweeper that asks what does he want impact to look like and is there any thing he can do to improve his impact position.

Lets start with the hands at impact. For a right handed golfer I firmly believe one of the real essentials to becoming a better player is to have a bent right wrist at impact and a flat left wrist.
What this means is that if you can get to this position you will have developed a golf swing in which there is no club head throw away and that there is lag in your swing as well as a forward leaning shaft.

The results of this position will be a compressed ball against the ground and a proper low point. All of you Dewsweepers know how much I have harped on proper low point and compression. Achieving this impact position will help you achieve this. If the right wrist has straightened at impact the club will be moving up away from the ground in most cases and make it impossible to compress the ball and to find the proper low point.
The other things I look for ideally at impact are as follows. I like the hip to be rotated out of the way past the ball and to be pulling the chest through.

If we were to look at a video of you from the face on view I would want the shaft leaning forward and your left wrist flat, hip out of the way and the shaft your left arm and leg all to be in a straight line.
To improve your impact position start with chipping and monitor your hand position after impact.

One of the truly great training aids we use to help you learn to keep a bent right wrist is the “key” you can find it in the Dewsweepers store at

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