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Having Trouble Hitting Ball Off the Toe?

Having trouble hitting too many shots off the toe?

The question came in from a Dewsweeper who has problem with too many toe hits and not enough shots hit in the middle of the club face. The cause for this generally speaking is overactive hands . Remember that the hands are there simply to hold the golf club. The job of the hands is not to add power or to square the club face. When done correctly, the pivot motion provides both the most effective power source and also squares the club face.

Here are some drills to help you hit the ball more in the center of the club face. Understand what the hands are trying to do. As Ive said in other segments here on the dewsweepers you want for a right handed golfer a bent right wrist at impact. Practice small shots monitoring your finish position with your hands. Know what your hands are supposed to be doing then monitor them.
Make sure you have a pivot motion to supply the power so you don’t have to use your hands. Most golfers who have over-active hands either have an incorrect pivot motion or an incorrect grip.

I also use the training aid the key frequently to help people learn to achieve the correct hand positon at impact . it’s a wonderful aid that can help you hit the ball more on the center of the face. The Key is available in the dewsweepers store.

Another trick that I use to help get the ball hit more in the center of the face and to improve ball striking is to hit shots with a ball place about an inch away from a 2×4 leaned up on its side. This will help improve your path and reduce mishits.

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