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Using the Team Approach to Improve Your Golf

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Wow…Been a crazy few weeks with the US Open and the start of the 2020-21 PGA Tour Season.  However things are slowing down a bit on the travel as we head towards the finish of the Fall Season.  

We recently had Bill Harmon in for one of our Junior Retreats at The Frederica Learning Center.  What a treat and wonderful learning experience it was.  I know each and every student had a wonderful time and learned a great deal.  I also know it was a tremendous opportunity for myself, Jackson Koert, Morgan Hale and Eric Brunner to spend time around one of the all time greats and have the opportunity to pick his brain and learn and improve at our craft.   One of my commitments is to continue to expose our students to the brightest and best teachers, fitness experts, mental coaches, bio mechanics experts and performance coaches from around the golf world.  It is an opportunity to make our students and us better! 

Check out this article Matthew Rudy and Golf Digest did on our weekend with Bill Harmon and how the team approach can benefit anyone!  Golf Digest! Team Approach Article


Player Development Retreats aren’t just for Juniors.  You can set up your personal retreat designed to provide a game plan to improve for any golfer.  The personal golf retreats include full swing work with myself, short game and coaching with Jackson Koert and Fitness and Performance Evaluation and Plans with Morgan Hale.  You can find the list of upcoming retreats here.

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~ Tony Ruggiero

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