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Trouble with Short Game- OK to open the face?

A dewsweeeper writes in who is struggling with their short game and asks the following question:

“Should I open the face on short chips and pitches”

The answer is that it is OK to open up the face in order to get more loft on the club and to help use the bounce of the club to spin the ball properly. However one needs to be cautious to open the face correctly.
Open the face then grip the club.
Make sure you make face or leading edge of the club square to the target then set feet. This will set the club up open but aimed at your target. When you just open the face and have the face aimed right it causes us to manipulate the face with our hands. manipulation or squaring with the hands causes the club the reach the low point to soon and hit poor shots.left

Swing along feet line
Open club exposes bounce be careful when hitting shots off of hard pan this can causes some miss hits.
Remember you need a bigger swing because you have more loft the ball wont go as far.

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