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How to stop Coming Over the Ball

A question comes in about any way to stop coming over the ball.
First of all you must make sure you are coming over the ball not using hands and hitting a face pull. I see a great deal of golfers who are hitting the ball or starting the ball left because they are shutting the face with their hands rather than because of a path which is from the outsidde or over the top.
If you are over the top and need to fix the path think of where you are trying to hit the ball.

Inside quarter!
Hit the inside quarter of the ball. This thought has helped many of my students get their plane shifted more to the inside and get the ball started more on line. When doing this it is helpful to think of trying to smash the ball down and out into the turf.

Use a board or a box and place inch to right of ball and hit shots square to board. This will help your path come more to inside

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