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Trouble out of the Rough

A question comes in from a Dewsweeper that says on his home golf course he struggles with long shots out of deep rough can we give them any help??

First of all you need to evaluate the situation. Your first priority anytime you hit a ball out of play or off the fairway is to look and see what is the longest club you can hit and safely advance the ball back into play. Remember that this is dictated by the lie and often is not a club that will advance the ball to the green. Make sure your first priority is to play your next shot from the fairway. You should never play consecutive shots from the trouble.

When playing a shot from the rough from a mechanics standpoint you will want a swing which is much more steep or up and down. A steeper swing will help you get to the ball with less grass getting between the club and the ball.

Play a fade out of the rough. Don’t try and draw the ball out of the rough. The tendency in long grass is for the blade to shut down and turn the ball over. Trying to hit a hook often leads to balls that never get up and out of the rough. In deep grass always try and hit a fade.

Remember to evaluate your situation allow for the ball to jump and run out when picking your landing spot and play a fade and you will be on your way to getting the ball back into play more safely.

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