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Tired of treading water??

I recently had a great and common question come in from a dewsweeper. This particular dewsweeper is a 22 handicap who has been playing the game for quite some time. They have tried numerous clinics and lessons but never seem to get better. They are tired of treading water and want to get better but aren’t sure how.

So many of the students that write us or end up on the tee with me here at Santa Rosa come with the same experience. Here is my recommendation on how to get on the road to improved golfing.

First, find a program that you believe in and trust. Make sure that the instructor and program is recognized, known and reputable.

Second, find an instructor or program that doesn’t promise quick fixes. Rather find an instructor who will help you learn a correct grip, posture and ball position. If you are correct with these fundamentals you will never reach your golfing potential.

Third, find an instructor who will teach you a correct pivot motion. Learn to move the club with your body rather than your arms and hands. Most of the golfers I see on the practice tee every day that never get better are all swinging the club with their hands and arms and usually from a poor setup position.

Fourth, I prefer learning all of this from the green back. All of these are easier to learn and do with small slow swings rather than full speed swings. It also should be noted that as we say here all the time on the dewsweeepers short game is over 2/3 of the game. Learning this first is the quickest way to improve your game.

Fifth and finally is patience. Find the right teacher with a program you trust and stick with it. Good and improved golfing is worth the wait!

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~ Tony Ruggiero

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