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Trouble Leaving Ball to Right

I recently had a very good student of mine who was struggling with leaving the ball out to the right. His club was swinging off the plane to the right and he was becoming slightly disconnected coming through t he ball. His left or lead arms was leaving his chest and his arms were taking over the driving force of the club rather than his pivot.
The result when we looked at the video was a slight buckle in the left elbow and the beginning of a chicken wing. Try this tip and see if you don’t connect your left or lead arm back with your pivot
The fix was a simple one. We tucked a golf glove up under his left armpit and began with pitch shots. The goal was to hit shots without the glove falling out. This was difficult at first but in a few minutes his left arms was against his chest through impact the club was more on plane and the contact was in the middle of the face again. When we video the swing again the buckle or chicken wing of the left arms was disappearing as well.
Try this simple drill next time and see if you don’t Hit the ball more solid and get rid of the buckle in your left arm.

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