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Quit Lifting the Club!

We recently had a question from a dewsweeper who was driving home from playing in a member guest and they were frustrated because they could eliminate the problem of how to quit lifting the club with their arms during the takeaway did I have any suggestions.
Well this problem is a direct result of someone who gets disconnected right from the get go.
Remember we always tell you here on the dewsweepers that it is the pivot or your turn that must move the club not your arms.
Here are a few suggestions:
First visualize that the club, your hands and your chest all start back at the same time and together. Matching up this motion will help get you more connected.
Second my favorite drill is to get more connected by learning to pitch the ball with a towel under your arms. This drill makes it impossible to start your takeaway with the lifting of your arms.
Moving into the full swing is suggest using the training aid the perfect connexion. It is a great way to link your arms and your pivot together.

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