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Tour Coach Podcast with Brady Riggs: Using Stress to Practice Better!

One of the instructors I really value the opinion of is Brady Riggs. Brady has a passion about playing and teaching the game that is contagious. He has been such a good sounding board so many times for me as I have shared countless videos of players with him. Brady always has a way of giving me a different perspective or look at the equation. I think it is healthy to have people who come at things differently than you or from different areas pitch in their thoughts. I also have picked Brady’s brain a great deal when it comes to helping players with their practice and the effectiveness of it. In this episode of The Tour Coach, Brady and I sit down and talk effective practice, effective coaching, teaching kids and even his own daughter, as well as the job we have been doing co-teaching Brandon Hagy on the PGA Tour.  As always, Brady gives great insight and I learned something. I think you will too!

Listen to the podcast: Brady Riggs: Using Stress to Practice Better!

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