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Stop Toe Hits

We have had several questions come in about what causes and how to stop toe hits on the golf club.

I always start with setup.
You need to check your posture.
Make sure you re not too far away from the ball or too bent over at the waist.
Incorrect posture can make you come out of your posture during the swing as your body tries to find a balanced position. Your Body’s number one goal is to not fall down! It will always adjust posture to balance itself.

This would move the ball towards the toe resulting in toe shots or unsolid mishits.
The most common cause of mishits I see in our teaching is over use of the hands.
Remember the hands are just for holding of the club hot for hitting
If you are a right handed player make sure you try and hit the ball with a bent rt wrist at impact.
If you push the club to the ball with your hands at impact this moves the toe of the club to the ball and it’s the ball out on the end of the club.
Two practice tools I prescribe are the key training aid and hitting pitch shots or full shots next to a 2×4 or head cover

Both of these give you immediate feedback and help you find the middle of the club face
The key is available in the dewsweepers store at

It is imperative that when trying to fix a flaw you have the ability to get immediate feedback when you do it correctly versus incorrectly. This is how you develop a feel that you can repeat on the course and improve your game!

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~ Tony Ruggiero

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