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Stop the yips

This week we talk about some putting yips.
A dewsweeper writes in and says they they putt 10 to 15 foot putts great but constantly miss the 3 -5 foot putts for pars. they say they yip them can i give them any help.
lets understand first what a yip generally is.
The yip is an involuntary reaction in which your body anticipates the impact of the club with the ball and the result is that your hands give the putter head a little extra push and try and help the ball to the hole. All to often this results in a missed and pulled short putt.
The putting stroke is like all other strokes we have discussed here on the dewsweepers. we want the pivot or body to control the club not the hands.
Here are two things I have learned and tried which have successfully help overcome a yippy stroke on 3 and 4 footers.
Since a yip is the anticipation of impact it Can help by putting yourself in a situation in which you cant know when impact is.
try either on of these two:
close your eyes after you settle in over the ball and take a long look at the hole and your target line. stroke the putt with your eyes closed.
Just as effect and you might find it more comfortable is to look a few feet out in front of the ball rather than at the ball while making your stroke.
both of these make it difficult to anticipate impact and yip the putt
try it and see if you don’t hole more 3 and 4 footers.

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