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Preparing for Q School: The Tour Coach Podcast

Second Stage of Q school started today for many of the Dewsweepers y’all know and love. I have players playing in Dothan, Al, New Mexico & California. I tried to see everyone before I was going to be off the tee and while doing that I caught up with two great guys that I work with who are heading into Q School, Emilio Gonzalez and Rick Lamb. We taped this last week after working a couple days at TPC in Jacksonville. Some really good insight into the thought process of preparation and the learning process it takes to play golf at a high level. Any teacher or golfer can learn from this discussion. As always I love working and hanging with my players. Enjoy this edition of the Tour Coach. It also so encouraging to see so many more people listening and reviewing Tour Coach. This is a fun journey for me.

Preparing for Q School with Rick Lamb and Emilio Gonzalez

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