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Hit Better Fairway Woods…

This tip occurred to me while watching a replay of Tiger’s win last year at the British Open. Most people can learn from what Tiger did all week with his 5 wood. Tiger used his 5 wood to masterfully navigate Hoylake, avoid trouble and win an emotional British Open.

Tiger hit wonderfully controlled shots with his 5 wood all week. The key was that Tiger really hit down on these shots. He swung at those 5 wood shots much more like and iron rather than a wood. I think this is something Tiger does that makes him so effective with his fairway woods. Especially off the tee.

I have many students come to me and tell me they are struggling with their fairway woods. Whether it is for control off the tee or for 2nd shots from the fairway they have trouble getting them in the air. Rather than trying to sweep your fairway wood and lift it into the air pretend you are hitting an iron shot. Use the same drill we have used on the Dewsweepers many times before. Make sure you swing more down at the ball. Pick a spot in front of the ball and try and make the club find it’s low point there.

If you try and swing your fairway woods moer like and iron….hit more down on them rather than sweep them you will find you hit more consistent and solid fairway wood shots. You may not win the British Open but you will give the gang at the club a run for their money!

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