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Effective Practice Leads to Lower Scores…

I can’t tell you how many times I walk up and down the tee and see one player after another just hitting ball after ball. They all think they are practicing but in reality most are not getting better at golf at all.

Practice effectively and with a purpose. It would help all of you to practice in a fashion that prepares you better for what you will encounter on the course. Don’t just hit 7 iron after 7 iron. Rather picture holes you are familiar with in your mind and play them on the range. Hit your driver at a target. Then hit the next ball using the club you would be left with after the last tee ball you hit. It is important to go through your pre-shot routine on each shot just as you would on the golf course. If you get used to using your routine and simulating the shots you will encounter on the course you will find it becomes easier to stay in your routine, focused and less frazzled on the golf course. So, the next time you go hit balls, do not just hit balls…Practice and simulate the scenarios you encounter on the course. Practice effectively and the next time you play you will feel more prepared and your scores will reflect it!!!

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