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Balanced Setup

One question we often have here at the dewsweepers golf show is about how to find a balanced setup. Here are a few suggestion to help you get more balanced in your setup and to help you make a better golf swing.
The first place we need to look is in your knee flex and the amount you are bent over at the waist. The edge of your shoulders and should be over the tips of your shoes. If you are too bent over at the waist you we will be in an unbalanced position and forced to change your posture during your swing to compensate for the poor posture and balance at address.
Remember to get to the ball with a combination of knee flex and hip flex. Most amateurs get to the ball by rolling over at the shoulders. This gives them poor posture, reduces their ability to turn and puts them out of balance.
Your weight should be centered in your stance. The feeling here should be that you are positioned as if you are going to jump straight up in the air.
I have found through the use of our swing catalyst that way too many golfers have their weight too much towards the toes. I tell students all the time to feel brace themselves as if I was going to jump on the back
This always gets them in a balanced athletic position.
Try these tips for setup and balance and see if you don’t hit the ball better.

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