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3 Rules for Playing the Wind

In honor of this weeks tournament in Scotland at the Old Course.”How do I play in the wind?”
Well when playing in the wind I suggest you use these 3 simple rules.
1) Always take more club and swing less hard. Remember that the harder you try and hit a shot the more it spins and more out of control it gets during your swing.
2) Allow for cross wind too! Don’t just worry about down wind and into the wind. Factoring in the cross wind is just as critical to avoiding trouble off the tee and around the greens. If possible it is better to curve the ball into the wind rather than riding the wind. This strategy will give you more control over the shot.
3) Get on top of the ball. I work with students in their golf swing on this all the time. Doing this in the wind will help you hit it more solid and control your trajectory.. Try and get your chest over your left leg at impact. This covering over the ball will get the shaft to lean more forward and get the flight down.

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