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Where Are Your Strokes Going?

Here’s a piece of information I use often with my recreational players who most likely don’t use stats or have access to stats like my Tour Players do.

The next 3-5 rounds you play, keep track of any shot on your score card which causes a double bogey or worse. For example, if you hit a good tee shot and good second shot just short of green but chunked the chip shot, mark the chip shot on your score card. If you hit a good drive but hit a bad approach off a downhill lie, note that on your card. After 3-5 rounds, you most likely will see some commonalities to where strokes are going. You can use this information to get better. I always encourage students to bring this info to your next lesson. Remember shooting lower isn’t always making swing changes; part of coaching you is finding where all the strokes go!

Here’s a little Twitter thread with Golf Science Lab on this topic! Where are your strokes going?

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