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It is US Open week this week up in Boston at The Country Club! I am so pumped to be going up there and looking forward to some prep with Grayson Murray. It is always exciting and fun to accompany players to Major Championships!

This week I will be on WNSP in Mobile with Lee and Mark on the Opening Drive 6:30 am from Brookline with my thoughts on the US Open. We will also have some great interviews from the US Open on the Dewsweepers next Saturday, as well as some upcoming Tour Coach Podcasts!

We just finished the first Retreat of the Summer at Doral! Great turnout and honestly as I shared with Kolby Tullier today, I have never had as many compliments and nice things said about a Retreat and our team as I did this week. Amazing job coaching by Kolby Tullier, Dr. Greg Cartin, Wayne Flint, Mark Hackett, Morgan Hale & Jackson Fox. It was also flattering to have Ryan Moque in from Australia to observe and watch what we do to develop players and talent of all skill levels. In fact, we have a podcast coming out this week on what he saw and learned at our Dewsweeper Retreat.

We are halfway through our first month of our Elite Player Development Program. We have already had a player, Thoman Henderson, shoot 67 and make some huge improvements with his performance. If you are interested in what this one-on-one program is, check the link above! We have one slot available. This program is changing the way people are coached and developed.

We have some Retreat dates out for the rest of June and July. Check them out and come see us. View our current schedule here or contact us for dates!

See you on the tee soon!

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~ Tony Ruggiero

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