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What’s Happening at Dewsweepers Golf

I hope this finds everyone well and playing their best golf. We have a lot going on in our world of golf instruction and helping all of you improve and play your best. We have all of our dates out and programs through March 2024 at Old Palm listed here. We are excited about the team and group we bring together. Whether you are an aspiring junior, young professional, mid-amateur or a recreational golfer who just wants to lower your handicap we have private lesson times and instruction programs to fit you. In order to really improve it takes a comprehensive team approach. It takes exposure and education in all the skill sets from golf swing and instruction and golf specific fitness to bio-mechanics and mental and performance coaching.

Q-School is starting up as well as preparation for the annual stress-filled tournaments in which players have the opportunity to earn or retain their job on the Korn Ferry and now PGA Tour. Those who watch and follow us on our social channels will notice many young professionals will be coming through working on their game. All of these young professionals are great stories and people to pull for. There is a good chance you will run into one of these pros when you come work with us your next lesson.

Congratulations are in order for Andy Ogletree, who won for the third time this past 12 months on the Asian Tour International Series. His play has been impressive and is the result not only from a lot of hard work but from developing and sticking too a great plan for improvement. The best players understand what they are working on, why they’re working on it, know how to monitor it and don’t veer off that plan because of day-to-day results. There is a lesson in there for all of us. Listen to my podcast chat with Andy here.

Normally I am the one doing the interviewing but recently I was on the Tournament Code podcast and the hosts Cooper Collins and Daniel Hamrin were great. If you are a golf geek it is worth a listen!

We also have content coming out almost daily to help you with your game. Our content takes you inside the ropes, behind the scenes and is an authentic day-to-day look at what we do. To check it out make sure you watch Pro Work or Dewsweepers YouTube or our social channels Thedewsweeper.

New Elite Player Development Program for competitive players will start October 2023! We have two spots remaining. This program features monthly work with myself, Aaron McConley, Kolby Tullier and Dr. Greg Cartin. This comprehensive elite program will be limited to eight students. The program includes work with all of us at Old Palm, travel dates for me to come to you and much more. If you are interested, please shoot me an email.

Last, but not least. I am excited to become a Forme Science Ambassador. You may have noticed some content I have put out with them over the last several months. I am looking forward to doing more. The opportunity to use their science and technology to help improve posture and therefore performance along with health and well being is exciting. Some cool stuff coming your way.

See you on the tee soon!

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Spend a few days with the Dewsweepers Golf team. We look forward to working with you!

~ Tony Ruggiero

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