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What to Expect From a Golf Lesson

I recently had a question from a prospective student about what to expect from a golf lesson so I thought it might be a nice piece of information to write about.

Your golf lesson should address and find out what YOUR biggest issue in the golf swing is. We should develop an understanding of what is the one thing that causes the other things in the swing to not work.

One of the reasons many people stay frustrated and do not get better is because they go to the range each week and they chase the symptoms. Each day or each shot they are trying to fix what happened on the last shot or the alst round. This approach never leads to any lasting improvement.

During a lesson we should identify the BIG ISSUE that causes other symptoms. You should leave with an understanding of why we need to improve or change it. You should also leave with an understanding of how to practice it correctly and how to monitor it so that you can make sure you are improving. I always think you should leave with a few notes written down and a few videos of exercises and drills that you can do to help you learn and train the new movement pattern!

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~ Tony Ruggiero

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