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What Part of the Ball?

Another great question comes in this week from the Dewsweepers.

T- I am Confused what part of the ball am I really trying to hit?

A great question and one that is often misunderstood. Many time I’ll ask a student where they are trying to hit and the answers vary from “the ball, to the back of the ball, to I’m not sure”

First remember all of our previous Dewsweeper lessons and that the correct low point of the swing (which is a big circle) is in front of the ball.

Second imagine as you look down that the ball is a “pie” sitting on the ground. Now imagine that the “pie” is cut into four quarters. You want the club to strike the inside quarter of the pie. The club is swinging down and out as it comes into the ball.

Here is a great tip. Take a sharpie and place a dot on that inside quarter of the ball. Now try and drive that dot down and out into the turf in front of the ball.

If you accomplish this you will find that begin to hit more solid iron shots and begin to get them started more online.

If you are struggling with balls starting too much to the left of your target (for a right handed player) try this it may help you get your ball flying at the target and your scores coming down!

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