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What do I start every lesson with?

A question came in from a dewsweeper that asks is there something I start every lesson with?

I think that there are alot of ways to swing the golf club but that to be successful and improve you have to have certain charachteristics and fundamentals. The most important one and the place I start every time is with the grip.
I learned early on that most everything that goes wrong starts with a bad grip. If you try and fix any thing else first you are just fixing the symptoms. So don’t try to fix the symptons start with the cause.

Every dewsweeper should start their practice session with a grip check too.
Learn to be more precise. Dont be haphazard. Tour players take time each and every time they PLACE their hands on the club. Here are a few keys

Club goes at the base of the fingers, under the heel pad and the v’s of the thumbs and index finger should point to your right eye!

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