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Up and Down Out of the Rough

One thing you will definitely see when watching the US Open at Oakmont this week will be players having to hit difficult next to impossible chips and pitches out of nasty long rough. Thankfully not many of us will deal with rough this severe at our home course this week. However here is a tip on how to handle short game shots when you find yourself in tough lie down in the rough.

Set up slightly open. You want to make sure that the club is working across the ball imparting cut spin on the ball. Setting up open will help hit a softer shot and help keep the club head from turning over and leaving the ball in the rough.

Swing more up and down. A swing that is too shallow or too much inside going back has no chance to get the ball up and out of deep rough. The club finds itself getting caught up in too much grass. Make sure you swing the club much more vertical or up and down. This will help you find the ball cleaner and improve your chances of getting the ball out.

Use judgement when picking the line your ball will travel on. Remember…safety first. A shot from the rough will be unpredictable in the distance it flies and the runout is unpredicatable as well. So do not pick a line that requires a precise place to land the shot and stop the ball. Take your medicine and get out of there with a bogey at worst.

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