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Tour Coach: Talking with Rick Lamb on Preparing for the 2021 Korn Ferry Tour

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I had the chance this past week to sit down with one of my guys, Rick Lamb, after dinner on St. Simons Island. Rick plays on the Korn Ferry Tour. Rick and I started working together just over a year ago. When we started he didn’t have much status at all and seemed to be a bit lost. Not only is Rick one of my favorites to hang out with, but he is a great guy to teach with a load of talent. Rick loves to keep things simple and his thoughts and approach fit well with how I teach. Rick played nicely in the Covid restart and now has full status on the Korn Ferry for this whole season as he chases a PGA Tour card. I love talking with players about how they think and what goes on in their minds when it comes to working, preparing, competing and performing. Listen in for some great insights for any teacher or player here in this edition of the Tour Coach podcast.

Talking with Rick Lamb about Preparing for the 2021 Tour!

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