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Tour Coach Podcast: Building a Successful Training Program

I always wanted to be a coach as I was growing up.  My first idols were the head coaches of my favorite sports teams.  I read books and stories from as many great coaches as I could.  Later in college I had the opportunity at St Mary’s University a small school in San Antonio Tx to spend time and become friends with a legendary Baskeball coach Buddy Meyer and his successor Jim Zeleznak.  Those relationships made me want to coach.  They also made me want to put a team together.  I have worked over the last 10 years to surround myself and my students with the very best in the world at what they do.  I believe if I can surround myself with the best at all the disciplines needed to improve a player that not only will the student get better but I will as well.  This team approach is part of what i think makes our program and our retreats different.  This podcast is an inside conversation with some of the best in the world and explains why and how the team approach works and how we do it.   Students and teachers can all get something from this!

Round Table: Building a Successful Training Program!

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