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“The Season Favors The Prepared!”

There are far more important things going on in the world than golf.  Yet, many of you are still reaching out and using golf as a diversion and a way to occupy time.  I spoke with my good friend Kolby Tullier who trains many of my PGA Tour players and about half the Top 10 players in the world.  We both talked about this time as a time from a golf perspective to look at and find a way to improve.  As Kolby is famous for saying “The Season Favors The Prepared!”  

I have challenged every one of my competitive players to use this time to improve.  It is their job to come out of this better physically and mechanically than they were a few weeks ago!  We are also looking a this as an opportunity to find ways to challenge and  help all of our friends, students and followers stay connected with us, have more access to information and ways to continue to work with us so that when tournaments and club events or junior and pro events resume we are better than we were and are an improved golfing version of ourselves.

Here are some things we are doing to help our students and followers:

1) We are currently still giving on on one private lessons as long as we are permitted to do so in a safe environment.

2) We are providing more on line content than ever before.  Along with Golf Science Lab, we have a series from Jackson Koert out on The Off Season Project which is fabulous and one coming out this week on “Ball Striking Blueprint!  

3) Video Lessons are great.  I’ve had more students and people take advantage of this than ever before.  In fact, Jackson Koert, Morgan Hale and myself are launching an on-line Academy which has been in the works for quite some while.  This should be available soon as well.  Right now anyone who sends a video via text will get a free video swing analysis.  Please text 850.225.1631

4) Listen to the Tour Coach and Golf Science Lab!  Cordie and I are getting a new Podcast out every week and we have recorded some outstanding ones including this weeks edition with PGA Tour Coach Justin Parsons.  We have upcoming episodes with Kolby Tullier and a round table discussion with Dr. Scott Lynn, Brady Riggs and Matt Rudy. so, there is lots of great content out there to listen to which can give you insight on how to play better. 

5) Jackson KoertMorgan HaleEric Brunner and myself are trying to be diligent with posting new swings, drills and maybe some levity as well every day on our social media feeds.

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Spend a few days with the Dewsweepers Golf team. We look forward to working with you!

~ Tony Ruggiero

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