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Stop the shanks.

Dewsweeper writes in and asks for help. They are sick with a case of the shanks and cant get rid of them. They have tried everything. Shanks can be tough but here is the quickest and best way I have found to get rid of them.

Shanks are caused when ball hits off hosel of club and shoots out to the right. It generally speaking never from the face being open at impact. Most of the time it is caused by a club face over rotating through impact in attempt to square the face. The more we shank it to the right the more we try to square it and close the face and the worse it gets.

Here is a fix hit small shots up next to a 2×4 about a balls width away. The small swings should be made trying to leave face open through impact. Swing shaft or heel of club to left away from ball and mis the board.

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