Dewsweeper writes in that they are having trouble with hanging back on their back foot and hit it weak to the right and that they never take a divot do I have any suggestions.
Of course we have some help. This is quite common and something we see all the time.

Here is the visual I use frequently when helping students fight the hang back.

We have all been told to keep our head down and still. What results is usually a pivot that stops and stalls and a head and body which goes back and never turns through to the front foot.

I ask students to visualize Annika or David Duval and have the release their head and eyes before the ball is struck. We will also hold a shaft up next to a students right side of their head. On the down swing they try and make their head go forwards from the shaft towards the target.

lastly we have students hold their finish with both knees touching. If you can go through this process you can quit hanging back, make a divot and add some power to your game.