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Quiet Feet Lead to Better Ball Striking

If there is one part of the golf swing or body that is often overlooked when working on a golf swing or trying to improve it is the feet. One area of focus that I stress when working with students is to get quiet feet on the ground. What I mean by that is feet that don’t come off the ground on the back swing. During the back swing I like to see feet that stay flat on the ground providing a solid base to wind your upper body up against.
On the forward swing I don’t like feet that are rolling on their sides or a rear foot that is coming off the ground. Both of these habits lead to your rotation slowing down and your pivot stalling. If you are not in contact with the ground you can’t turn against it!
Practice hitting little pitch shots keeping both feet on the ground and see if you don’t improve your footwork and your ball striking.

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~ Tony Ruggiero

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