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Pro Work EpiSode 6: Watch, learn & play GOLF better now!

Good morning everyone! All of us on the Dewsweeper Squad are super excited today as we launch another episode of our project Pro Work sponsored by Bushnell Golf! Pro work takes you inside the ropes & behind the scenes of how we work with players of all skill levels! In these e[is does you will follow a students journey and see how they train and learn! There’s so much in here that anyone can learn from!

Episode 6 features Erica Shepherd who recently graduated from Duke and has turned professional after an illustrious college & amateur career! Through our future episodes you will see and meet a whole stable of Dewsweepers young and old, professional and weekend warriors who love the game and are passionate about improving! We can all learn from everyone’s journey! You will also get insight and information from what I feel is the best development team out there:Kolby Tullier, Dr Greg Cartin, Mark Hackett along with the whole Old Palm instructional staff & a host of guests Stay tuned for more episodes! Fist check out episode 6!

Special thanks to Ryan Snyder for all the help and expertise filming and production as well as to Jay Coffin for directing this project. More great golf content to help you play better to come!

Pro Work Episode 6

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