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Power Loss???

We have a question here from a dewsweeper who is concerned because they have lost power and are not hitting the ball as far as they feel they should. This dewsweeper says they are over 6 feet tall and plenty big but only hit the drive 200 or less and theie irons are even weaker. What can they do.
First we need to realize what the engine of the golf swing is and that is the pivot. Your pivot motion is the main power source and if you suffer a severe power loss make sure that you are making a back swing pivot.

We always talk here about the need to turn through the ball and hit the ball with your chest and your trunk. Well if you don’t wind up your chest beind the ball the ball than you don’t have anything to hit the ball with.
Follow these tips to put more power in your game by fixing the windup in your backswing.

Practice pivot drills:
Get in your posture cross your arms over your while holding a club across your shoulders and is parallel to the ground.
Now turn your chest over your right knee while keeping the shaft relatively parallel to the ground. If the shaft tilts toward the ground on the backswing you are not turning but tilting and just throwing power out the window.

Practice this until you can feel what a proper windup and pivot feels like.
When hitting balls feel the weight of your body turn into the inside of your right heel. When you get the weight there you have made a proper windup.

You can find this drills and other great information in the book that I use as my instruction bible, How to Win the Three Games of Golf by Hank Johnson available in the Dewsweepers store.

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