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Pick your Spots and Trajectory

I see so many players around the green just grab a wedge and look at the hole and chip or pitch the ball at the hole. The hole is not always the target when playing a short game shot. Lets learn to use the slope and terrain of the green as well as different trajectories to hit different shots and improve your short game.

Next time you are practicing your short game take three different shafts and insert them into the ground at the same spot on the green at different angles. Then go back and put some balls a few yards back away from the green and hit different clubs which make the balls come into the green at the angles in which the shafts are coming into the green. Notice how the ball rolls out different amounts. What you have just done through this drill is learn to hit different shots for different situations and learn to control your trajectory.

You are now on your way to better more creative short game shots.

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~ Tony Ruggiero

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