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Mentoring and Storytelling Roundtable with The Tour Coach

This was the last round table discussion at Frederica.  This one was special to me for several reasons. First I think Jackson Koert who is taking over for me as Director of Instruction is going to be a very special teacher and is deserving of the opportunity. Second, I believe the opportunity to mentor those coming up behind us is one of our greatest gifts to leave behind and greatest chances to make a difference.  I was so fortunate to have the influences of Hank Johnson, Wayne Flint and Mark Wood to name a few who always took time to share and mold my career and life.  I love the opportunity to help share that with others.  This was a cool and special group of young people whom we all have worked together and learned from each other.  There are a tons of laughs, stories, lessons and insights in this podcast.  Clearly my favorite.

Mentoring: Lessons and Storytelling

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