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Meet the Team Behind Our Player Development Retreats

As we head into 2021, our goal is to continue to provide anyone wanting more access to our team of experts the tools needed to improve their golf performance. I believe the team we’ve assembled at The Frederica Learning Center is the finest in the game today.

Check out this snapshot of some of the team who will be training with us in early 2021!

Kolby Tullier – By far the leader in golf specific performance. People get tired of me saying it but he has been one of the biggest influences on my teaching. Kolby will be joining and working with me at Frederica in multiple programs in 2021!

Dr. Scott Lynn – Scott is one of the leading golf bio mechanists in the world of golf. Scott has long been part of the team and adds a unique look at the golf swing to help us maximize each students power and performance.

Morgan Hale – Morgan is emerging as a leader in golf specific fitness. She has worked with me in Mobile for 7 years and is spending more and more time with me over on St. Simons Island.

Mark Wood and Wayne Flint – two of my mentors and great developers of talent. Its awesome to expose all of our students to different insights into their swing. I love to teach our students with other teachers and get different view points.

Debbie Doniger– Longtime friend and great teacher will be joining me and Scott Lynn for our January Retreat.

Visit our golf retreat page for an updated schedule.

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Spend a few days with the Dewsweepers Golf team. We look forward to working with you!

~ Tony Ruggiero

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