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Make the Best of Landing in a Divot

A question comes in that asks what they should do when your ball ends up in a divot.

You know more than any other rule in golf I think more people think this one should be changed. There is nothing more frustrating than driving a ball right down the middle of the fairway and ending up in a divot.

Unfortunately the odds of us getting that rule changed this week here on the show aren’t that good so lets figure out the best way to handle the situation.

Once again when most handicap or club level golfers see their ball in a divot the tension goes up and they immediately are afraid they wont get the ball in the air. This instinct makes them try and lift or scoop the ball in the air generally hitting a very fat shot which goes nowhere and leaves them disgusted.

It is even more imperative to realize the the club needs to bottom out in front of the ball at the corretc low point. It is critical to hit donw on the ball if you want to get the ball up and in the air and out of the divot. Look in front of the ball try and and make the club smash the ball into the ground. This will prevent the fat shot.

Now the severity of the divot you are in will dictate how this the shot will come out and dictate your line of play. Play conservative don’t attempt if possible to go over any bunkers or at difficult pins. Allow for the ball to come out lower and possibly short.

Get your par or bogey and get out of there. Just tell yourself you have really good break due to come your way.

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