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I just returned from my first trip to the Augusta National Women’s Amateur and I couldn’t be more impressed with the Tournament, the players or the direction the game is headed. The talent pool for golf is deep and the future is bright for the game, especially on the women’s side. What a special treat to be part of! I am proud of Erica Shepherd and her hard work over the last few months! Erica shot -1 today and is inside the top 20 heading to the final round at Augusta National on Saturday! We are head back to Augusta Monday for The Masters! It will be an exciting week for everyone. I hope to see some Dewsweepers out there and I hope all of you will join us in cheering Ben Carr on next week!

We now have dates set for our Vip Junior Camps this Summer along our regular retreats. You will see all the dates and information here!

Keep your eye out for more Tour Coach Podcasts coming next week from Augusta! We have several great guests lined up for some great perspective and an inside look at the biggest week in golf!

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