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How to know if you have correct posture!!

If you want to make sure you are set up for a good pivot and an effective golf swing you had better start with good posture.

I always start all of my students whether new or old with a check up on how they are postured to the ball.

From the down the line view I want to see the chest up, rear end out in a nice athletic position. The tips of your shoulders should be right over the tips of your shoes. This posture sets you up for a balanced golf swing.

Remember you get down to the ball with a slight flex of the knees not a roll over from your shoulders.

From the face on view I would prefer for a right handed golfer the left shoulder to be slightly closer to the target than your hip. I prefer for the shoulders and hips to look as if they are running slightly up hill.

The deal killer here is people who have their front hip lower than their back hip and have shoulders and hips which are running on different and converging lines.

If you get postured correctly you are set up to make a great golf swing from the start.

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