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Having Trouble Getting Lined Up Correctly? Always Aim Right

The first thing you need to do is practice in such a manner that you can monitor your aim. Tour players seldom hit practice shots without a club or rod down to check alignment and neither should you. This will help you learn what it feels and looks like for you to be aimed properly. This is one aspect of learning to practice effectively which we are discussing for the next several weeks here on the Dewsweepers.

Use of a good pre shot routine can also help. Learn to get your grip from behind the ball, step in with your right foot even with the back of the ball (for right handed players) setting the face of the club behind the ball and aimed at your target. Next, bring your right foot up even with your left then move your right foot out to its appropriate stance width. Do this while keeping both feet equidistant from the ball.

Seasonal Golf SpecialIf you use both of these techniques to help with your aim you will be on your way to better aim and consistancy on the golf course.

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