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Find Your Why with Pro Work Episode 7

Check out Pro Work Episode 7 where Kolby Tullier, Mark Hackett, Dr. Greg Cartin and I help a new student, Lynch, figure out the why! Most students chase symptoms always trying to fix things they see on video or have been told about why the ball isn’t going where they want to go. In order to have long lasting real improvement you have to fix the why. Why is this problem or fault occurring? Fixing the why is the secret to long-term gains in your game. Take this journey alongside Lynch and find and fix the why.

We are all excited to see this project be joined with an instruction article from Luke Kerr-Dineen on and an opportunity for even more Dewsweepers to go inside the ropes and behind the scenes with our elite instruction team that fixes the why in your golf swing for real improvement!

View the video here!

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