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Fall Updates From Tony

Greetings to all of you! First little cool blast has come through and it makes me look forward to the retreats and season down in Palm Beach Gardens at Old Palm. As you will see below we have a great collection of retreats and instructional opportunities which focus on surrounding all of you who want a comprehensive plan to improve with the skills needed to grow and improve. You will notice on the schedule we have fitness, performance and mental coaching, short game and putting and bio mechanics all as part of this upcoming schedule. Please check it out and email or text me if interested. Spaces are limited and filling fast.

There has been some great content produced about the Dewsweepers over the past few weeks. In case you missed it here are a couple links. The first is from Luke Kerr-Dineen on and his article on Andy Ogletree and his last 12 months on how well he has played and the lessons he has learned. There are many great insights from Andy that can help any player, especially those really wanting to play at a high level.

The second feature was also on Golf and also included an article from Luke Kerr-Dineen. This focused on the release of Pro Work 7 and the work we did with Lynch, a new student we hadn’t seen before. Pretty cool story here as Lynch has what we might say is an unconventional swing. He wanted to add speed and improve but not suffer through a swing change. Lots of cool tidbits in here as you see how Kolby, Mark and I approach and work with Lynch to figure out what he can do. We also added some major speed! If you haven’t seen the article or checked out the video please click here. We all were very pumped to see Pro Work get some play on and appreciate all the great comments and reviews.

See you on the tee soon!

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