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Elite Summer Performance Golf Retreat IN Philly

Whether you are a competing junior player, collegiate player, aspiring professional or a amateur golfer who wants to really improve these retreats and instruction weekends will put a team and plan around your game to help you achieve!

In this retreat we focus on all the skill sets needed to play competitively at any level. Whether you are an aspiring junior, collegiate player, mid am or a weekend warrior who really wants to improve.

We focus on performance by building solid fundamentals in the full swing combined with specific golf fitness and performance coaching to improves your body’s ability to move and deliver the club and mental and performance coaching to help you practice better and transfer your swing and work to the course! The culture and environment for learning at our retreats and private instruction programs is often imitated but unmatched. The culture we instill for learning produces results!.

Play golf with touring pros. One of the key facets to improving is to watch learn and play with those better. During our retreat you will work practice and play with PGA Tour Players.

Blue Bell Country Club located outside Philadelphia has a wonderful practice facility, perfect greens, great food and an amazing hotel for those travelling in.

Book now – I have a few spaces left for the retreat as well as some open private lesson times!

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Spend a few days with the Dewsweepers Golf team. We look forward to working with you!

~ Tony Ruggiero

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