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Don’t Throw in the Towel on Your Putting …

Putting is no different than the other golf strokes we have discussed here on the Dewsweepers. The putter is moved with your body pivot rather than your hands,wrists or arms. I see way too many amateurs who struggle with inconsistent putting because they have too much wrist and hand motion. Follow this tip and drill and you’ll be making more putts against your buddies this weekend.

Grip: Unlike the full swing we aren’t looking for power. Therefore we do not need to use the wrists as a power source. So unlike the full swing grip we put the club in the palms of our hands rather than the fingers.

Setup: As always it is important to get your feet, hips and shoulders all square to the target line.

Pivot: Move the putter with your trunk not your hands. Actually the muscles you want to feel move the putter back and through are your LATS. Want a great drill to help you feel the correct motion? Go grab a Towell off your golf bag. Next put the towel across your chest and under both arm pits. Now lower your arms so that the towel does not fall to the ground. Grip your putter and make a putting stroke while keeping the towel in place under your armpits and across your chest. Practicing this drill will help you learn to use a pivot motion to make a proper putting stroke.

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